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Pope is a Welcoming School

The teachers and staff of Pope Elementary are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and equitable learning environment where all students feel like they belong. We will provide the highest quality education and meet each child's individual needs. Our staff will collaborate, utilize data, and partner with families to ensure students reach their fullest potential.


Pope Elementary staff is a community built on mutual trust and respect. We are dedicated to the academic and social success of every student. We envision a standards-based, inclusive, and challenging curriculum that stimulates learning and creativity in a positive and safe learning environment.

Core Beliefs

At Pope Elementary, we believe:

     • All students can learn.

     • Belonging is essential.

     • Learning is a life-long process.

     • Everyone is unique and has value.

     • Individuals must be prepared for a global society.

     • A safe and supportive environment nurtures growth.